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"About nature and science"

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I am very pleased to be able to greet you all through this website.


We, those who are living present, have enjoyed tremendous benefits of civilization and will continue to take benefits much more. However, the natural environment that we need to preserve has been polluted, and no one can deny that it will be not dramatically exacerbated.


Therefore, "Is there any way to put this polluted natural environment, which will be inherited by future generations, back to the way it was?" this mission has been my life goal and I have done lots of researches and experiments to accomplish it over the whole life. As a result I developed "SY-1000" and this technology got American patent 6,264,875 B1 and several South Korean patents. 

I hope these patents and technology contribute on restoring the natural environment and making healthy life of humanity. Also, Our executives and staff members will do our best on the development of advanced product and applying this technology to become a guide of healthy nature and healthy life.

Thank you.


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