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Water system

SY-1000, Crystal of Life Engineering in 21 C


SY-1000 was created from natural resources, which characterizes the water for the first time in the world. SY-1000(invention patent no. 0163360) is a system which imprints bio-energy to water and thereby adapts human body to the bio-energy. SY-1000, bio-activation substances developed at the technology development research center by Sun Pi Korea, was acknowledged in terms of its efficacy and value through numerous clinical experiments all over the world.

SY Water formed by SY-1000 displays its superior capability in that water molecules are divided into smaller clusters and cell activation is continuously improved, also in that pathogenic organism are removed and necessary nutrients are supplied. You can realize the wonderful benefits through SY water formed by SY-1000.

General principle of SY-1000



Recently as the research activity for the water become more prevalent, various bio-water is developed and sold. Even though they are specially function waters, they can nao reach inner cells for sufficient amount of duration, thus failing in bio-activation of the cells. The unique way of structuring and activating the water in the cells is through resonance between the inner cell and the energy imprinted by SY-1000 to water.

Small clusterization


Every water is composed of water molecules. It exists as cluster which is a group of five water molecules or more. Clusters are rather big due to chlorine or impurities. When chlusters are big, water tastes rather poor and is not very well absorbed through our body. When SY-1000 is contected with water, clusters are divided into smaller ones and water becomes tasty and healthy for our body.



When contected with water, SY-1000 electrolyzes water into hydrogen ion(H+) and free radical ion(OH-). Hydrogen ion, when combined with electron emitted by SY-1000 becomes hydroxyl ion. The effect of antibacterias and deodorization is maximized and pH of the water becomes over 7, in other words, weak alkali.

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