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I am very pleased to be able to greet you all through this website.


We, those who are living present, have enjoyed tremendous benefits of civilization and will continue to take benefits much more. However, the natural environment that we need to preserve has been polluted, and no one can deny that it will be not dramatically exacerbated.



We are developing new materials & using our life, our nature and our surroundings

Materials & Energy 

SY-1000 is the name of new technology developed by SANGYOOL BYUN. It is divided into SY material, a synthetic ceramic technology, and SY energy, energy emitted from synthetic ceramics.

Domestic & foreign Installation

SY -1000 Water system is widely used not only in Korea but also in foreign markets. It is currently being applied to various industries, such as large hospital facilities, group life facilities, bath and laundry facilities, agriculture and livestock facilities, and religion facilities.

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