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<FDA 미국 식품의약국 No.2022038 >


미국 식품의약국 FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) 안전성 테스트인증



Spraque-Dawley rats were chosen to test the sample. The animals were fasted 24 hours prior to the oral administration of the sample by gavage, and then observed for possible side-effects for 14 days. The temperature and light were maintained at 20C and 12 hours light / 12 hours dark, respectvely. The animals were provided with an unlimited supply of food and water during the post-dosing period. Cage-side observations included changes in skin fur, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, convulsions, salivation, diarrhea, sleep and coma, and behavior pattern.


All animals(1~10) signs of Toxicity - None



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